Largest P2P logistic network for convenient sending/delivery.

ezyCourier is a low-cost peer to peer parcel courier service

We connect the people who need parcels taken anywhere in Southeast Asia in touch with people who plan to be driving or flying there anyway. It's a low-cost service for matching up people who need parcels delivered and people willing to help them and earn while travelling. No more middle-man or dispatcher you have to call to arrange your shipment. Simply download the app and follow 4 steps.


1. What are you sending?

Choose the type and quantity of the item/s you are sending:

  • Document - up to 500g
  • Box - up to 5kg
  • Luggage - up to 20kg

2. Pick up location

Type in the preferred pick up time, location and expiry day. Expiry day represents a deadline for couriers to pick up your order. If your order expires, ezyCourier will void transaction and return the money to your credit card without extra charges.


3. Delivery destination

Type in destination and contact information of the person who receives your parcel. Moreover, choose the delivery speed:

  • Within the same day - 24h
  • Up to 2-3 working days
  • Up to 7 working days

4. Service Summary

We are a low-cost courier service and we are transparent about our pricing policy. However, the service is not free. The idea is to undercut all professional courier services by offering the lowest possible prices.

Online payment or cash on delivery

If you choose Cash payment, you will pay directly to your courier during parcel handover. We encourage you to use online payment method. Your payment is held on our secure payment platform and only released to the courier once delivery has been completed to your satisfaction. In case of expiry, transaction will be voided. We support all international credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, JCB), PayPal and all major direct banking payment solutions and currencies in SEA available in the checkout process.


After payment

Our system dispatches your order to our partners. As soon as our partner picks up your order, you will receive a notification via application. Simultaneously, receiver of the parcel will get “Verification code” with an SMS. Receiver is obliged to give verification code to courier as a confirmation that parcel is safely delivered. You can follow the status of your order under “My orders” section in the app.

So how do I ship things?

In order to have this platform successful, first thing we do in every country is building up the supply of couriers by face to face contact. We hereby assure you we have reliable couriers within the platform that we are proud of, and that represent ezyCourier the way we imagined it. Our goal is to always match the right courier with the right order.

Download our iOS
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Easily create a
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ezyCourier partners
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Track your
We don’t charge you
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It’s cheap and easy!
It’s ezyCourier!

Become ezyCourier Partner

Interested in earning some extra cash? Apply and download the Partner App to become ezyCourier official Partner. Pick up and deliver orders on your way. Lets change the logistic industry together!


1. Search for orders Nearby

Nearby function filters parcels around current partner location.


2. Go to Pick up location

Pick the Parcel from Sender nearby


3. Deliver the Parcel

Confirm the delivery by asking receiver to enter 6-digits code he/she received via SMS


4. Receive regular monthly payouts

We support two payout options:

  • Bank transaction
  • IBAN PayPal