Safety and Security

How safe is it sending parcels via ezyCourier?

In order to become an ezyCourier, our drivers are subject to face to face interviews, questionnaires and are required to present their:

- Local ID
- Local Address
- Local Driving Licence
- Vehicle Licence
- Vehicle Photo

We only approve reliable, courteous drivers who we are proud of. Our drivers need to understand our company, mission statement and our overall goal of matching the right courier with the right order.

As a driver, our couriers have strict rules which they are required to uphold as they deliver your items. Any violation of the following rules will result in an immediate ban for the driver:

- Do not open the package you are transporting.
- Be helpful and polite to every customer.
- After you pick up the order, you will see customer’s phone number. Be responsive and call them immediately.
- The rate of the good transportation is calculated by ezyCourier app. If your customer requires any other help from you, like moving goods it is up to you to decide how much to charge but you are asked to give a reasonable price and never over-charge or bargain with customers.
- 15 minutes before delivering the good to the recipient, always call to check if he/she is available to pick up. If unable to reach him/her, call the sender to agree how to proceed further.
- Be punctual and always arrive in time. Be honest with customers on your arrival time.
- After taking an order please make sure you don’t reject it, unless you have a legitimate reason for that

As a customer, you have the ability to rate the courier inside the app or, if you feel the need, you can call our number/email us directly to report suspicious courier behaviour. ezyCourier is an ongoing project, very soon will have the option of insuring your goods at a low premium to give you added peace of mind when using our service.