How it works

ezyCourier is a low-cost peer to peer parcel courier service

We connect people who need parcels delivered with people who plan to be driving or flying there anyway. It's a low-cost service for matching people who need parcels delivered and people willing to help them, whilst earning money at the same time. No more middle-man or dispatcher you have to call to arrange your shipment. Simply download the app and follow four simple steps:

1. What are you sending?

Choose the type and quantity of the item/s you are sending:

Document - up to 500g;
Box - up to 5kg;
Luggage - up to 20kg.

2. Pick up location

Type in the preferred pick up time, location and expiry day. Expiry day represents a deadline for couriers to pick up your order.  If your order expires, ezyCourier will void transaction and return the money to your credit card without extra charges.

3. Delivery destination

Type in destination and contact information of the person who receives your parcel. Moreover, choose the delivery speed:

Within the same day - 24h;
Up to 2-3 working days;
Up to 7 working days.

4. Service Summary

We are a low-cost courier service and we are transparent about our pricing policy. However, the service is not free. The idea is to undercut all professional courier services by offering the lowest possible prices.

Once your parcel has been delivered please remember to rate your courier! This enables us to keep track of our drivers so we can create an optimal delivery service!