FAQ - Customers

Customer App
1.    Do I need an account to place order?

ezyCourier lets you place the order for the first time and simultaneously create an account during placing of the first order. Later on, you should use this account. Check your e-mail once you register the account and if the password is too long change it immediately. Check Q2 for changing password.

2.    What if I forget my password?

That shouldn’t be an issue. You can simply enter your email address and click on forgot password button. We will send you instructions on how to change your password.

3.    Why does ezyCourier want to access my location while using the app?

ezyCourier wants to get your location to make the steps of creating order more user-friendly with less typing, as your address can be recognized automatically and auto-filled by Google.

4.    What is Expiry?

Expiry means the latest period (date and time) when you are able to wait for the courier to pick up the parcel from the ‘Pick up Location’.

5.    What is delivery speed?

Delivery speed is the time you set for courier to deliver the parcel to the recipient from the time he/she picked it up from you.

6.    Why do I need to enter my mobile phone number?

By entering the phone number, you let the courier who reserves your order online to be able to call you and agree on pick up time. If you don’t leave the correct phone number, courier will not be able to reach you.

7.    What happens if I select cash as a payment option?

You will then pay cash to the courier when he/she comes to pick up the parcel.

8.    What happens if I select PayPal / Credit Card as a payment option?

You will pay online the full amount when you place the order.

9.    What if nobody picks up my order till expiry date?

If nobody picks up the order by expiry time, the order no longer exists, so you must place it again. If paid online already, our system will automatically void the transaction so you can freely go through the same process again.

10.    What is verification code?

Verification code is the security code which ezyCourier is using to make sure that the parcel reached hands of the recipient. It is a sort of ‘signature’ by recipient, where the courier will ask the recipient to enter the code so he/she can verify and complete the order.

11.    What is the order ID code?

The order ID is the number of every order we have in the system which gives us the ability to track everything.

12.    Where can I check ‘My orders’ inside the app?

My orders can be found on the top frozen menu as the second icon, or in the extra menu tab on the side.

13.    How is the price calculated?

The price of the parcel includes many variables and the explanation of all is given in the Rates tab under Menu tab. It depends on the size of the parcel, its quantity, the distance to where it should be delivered and discount (if applicable).

14.    How to open Order details?

By clicking on the order you can see all details about your order and its current status.

15.    How to cancel order?

Cancelling the order is easy- clicking on the button Cancel. However, if courier already reserved that specific order, it is always good to give him a call just in case if he didn’t see the notification.

16.    What will happen after my order has been picked up?

After the order is picked up/reserved by courier, you will receive the notification and the courier should call you in a little while to agree on pick up time.

17.    What does the "TAKEN" button stand for?

When courier comes to pick up the order in person, you must click TAKEN button. The functionality of this button is there to assure our app to know from which point the courier has your order in his/her hands and gives you the option to track it from that point.

18.    How to track my order?

You can track the order only when the courier has picked it up from you, and you have clicked TAKEN button. Just click on Track my order button.

19.    Shall I send the verification code to the receiver?

Yes, you should send the code to receiver so he/she can give it to the courier when the parcel arrives.

20.    How to rate the courier?

When the order is completed you will have the pop up window with possibility of rating the courier. Please help us have only good couriers within the app, and be honest with your feedback. Negative feedbacks will result in removing the courier from the ezyCourier app.

21.    Can I edit my order?

No, once order is placed you cannot edit it. You can cancel it and place the new one.

22.    Who are your couriers?

Our couriers are face-to-face verified professionals, who love what they do, and are doing this as freelancers. Find out more about our couriers and the gatherings on our Facebook page.

23.    Is my parcel insured?

ezyCourier provides the add-on insurance option by country. We encourage you to get the insurance if you are transporting any valuable staff. If your country still has no insurance available, then your parcel is at yours and your couriers trust only.

24.    Am I going to receive a receipt?

Yes, you will receive a receipt in your email inbox once the order is completed.