FAQ - Partners

Partner App
1.    What platforms do you support?

ezyCourier (Partner) is supported by both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Apps are available for downloads via GooglePlay and AppStore. ezyCourier for Partners is iOS and Android app for people willing to work as couriers and earn while travelling.

2.    How much does it cost to download the app?

It's free! ezyCourier for Partners is free and everybody can join! Register via Facebook or standard email address and your mobile phone. We require mobile phone verification via SMS.

3.    What is the difference between logging in via e-mail or Facebook?

There is no difference. Facebook log-in is always easier as it does not require extra account to be created, but if you prefer e-mail or have no Facebook then you have this option as well.

4.    What does it take to become a Courier within this application?

All you have to do is download the application and then verify yourself either by coming to our offices or by waiting for one of our team members to contact you. You should also check our Good Conduct Rules to see what it takes to be an ezyCourier Partner.

5.    Why does the app want to access my location and should I allow it?

Yes, you should. ezyCourier wants to get your location to make the steps of registration more user-friendly with less typing, as your address can be recognized automatically and auto-filled by Google. Then at later stage, you should activate your GPS so we can send you notification on orders available in your vacinity. Also, by having GPS on, the Sender can easily track the order once you have picked it up.

6.    Why do I need to fill in my residential address?

Filling in your residential address proves to us where you live as per your face-to-face verification. One of the reasons for this is to ensure we have reliable couriers, another is that in case you are not using GPS we can still send to your app orders nearby your residential address.

7.    Why the mobile phone verification is required?

Some of the security features of the app are enabled via SMS service which requires a correct phone number. In addition to that, the phone number of the Courier is provided to Sender in order to easily reach him/her for providing further information regarding the order.

8.    Why I cannot take order nearby immediately?

You need to be face-to-face verified by our team. If you are in a hurry, go straight to our offices and verify yourself. Otherwise, wait for our team to contact you within 7 days.

9.    What does it mean to get verified?

Getting verified means giving, in person, to our team your ID or Passport, providing your residential address, and in addition, showing driving license as well as the vehicle license. If you are a pedestrian or a bicycle courier, no need for submission of the additional documents.

10.    What happens after I go to your office to get verified?

After you are done with verification, within few hours’ time, our team will unblock you in the system and you will become a verified courier who can from that moment on take the orders nearby and start earning cash.

11.    What is Nearby feature?

Nearby function filters parcels around current Courier location, based on the GPS location of the Courier and Senders.

12.    Is there any difference between Map and List of Orders Nearby?

There is no any difference, it is just about the view you prefer.

13.    How can I filter orders on the search screen?

Search filter orders based on delivery destination, item type or price.

14.    Where can I find the order that I reserved and want to go to pick up?

You can find this order, like any other orders which you have been completing so far, by clicking on the Profile icon in the bottom right corner and then clicking on Parcels tab. Other way of reaching the same item is to click on the Menu tab and My Parcels is the first one on the list.

15.    Does it cost to call the Sender from the app?

Calling the Sender from the app will redirect you to the Phone app therefore will cost you the local charges of your current network operator.

16.    Do I need to call the Sender before picking up?

It is not mandatory to call, but it is fully recommended as that way you will make sure the Sender will be home when you come to pick up the parcel.

17.    Can the Sender track my car from the moment I pick up the order inside the app?

The Sender is able to track your car only when you have his/her parcel in your car (from the moment you pick up the order on the spot until you deliver it to the recipient). It is therefore recommended you have GPS on so Sender can track his/her order. This way you assure yourself good rating, as well as a variety of benefits to come.

18.    How can I check the list of all the orders I have taken so far?

The list of orders can be seen in My Parcels under the Menu tab, or in Parcels tab under the Profile icon (bottom right icon)

19.    Does the navigation from ezyCourier app to Pick up and Delivery point cost?

The navigation will use your data, so make sure that for this purpose like all the others you have a good data plan/package by your network operator.

20.    What does verify the order mean?

To verify the order means you should prove to the Sender as well as the ezyCourier app that you have delivered the parcel to the recipient.

21.    How can I verify the order delivery?

The recipient should have a 6 digit code received by Sender. This 6 digit code you must ask for - and type it in the app once you deliver the parcel to recipient. This way the Sender receives an immediate notification that the parcel reached to recipient and ezyCourier calculates your share.

22.    How do the Customers pay for this service?

Customers have two options to pay: in cash directly to you or online (via Credit Card) upon placing an order. You must make sure you know what the payment method was once you pick up the order, so you are aware if the customer has paid already or will pay to you.

23.    What does the Payout tab under Profile icon stand for?

The Payout tab has two functions: 1) to show you your current report, and 2) to edit your payment details for all the transactions we will have to transfer you.

24.    When and how do I get paid if ezyCourier holds my money?

If ezyCourier holds your money, this means more customers have been paying online. Once your share equals to more than amount stated in the report, ezyCourier will transfer you the earnings. Make sure you have Payment details correctly filled in inside the app.

25.    When and where should I pay the money I collected from customers?

You will be informed by the local team what is the best way to pay in the money owed to ezyCourier. Make sure you balance the money by the end of the month, otherwise you will be restricted of taking the orders.

26.    Can ezyCourier pay me the money earned in cash?

No, ezyCourier transfers you the money to your bank account.

27.    What could be the reasons I am blocked from taking the orders?

You are either not a verified courier yet, or you didn’t pay the fee to ezyCourier from the orders you have been taking paid in cash. If none of these are the case, please clear the cache within the application settings and try to uninstall the app. If the problem still persists, contact the local team to support you.