Who are our partners

Become an ezyCourier partner!

ezyCourier’s mission is simple. We want to connect people who need goods taken to a destination with people who plan to be driving, walking, cycling or flying there anyway!

As an ezyCourier partner you can earn money by helping us ship things from one neighbourhood to the next. We want to make logistics and transportation more efficient. By giving you the freedom to transport goods in your own way we allow you a truly unique and ultra-flexible opportunity. We always match the right order with the right courier, that’s why you’ll receive push notifications when a user places an order in your vicinity.

Why wouldn’t a student who is driving every day to college or part-time job earn some extra pocket money with his/her own vehicle?

Why wouldn’t a van driver who has days off from his every day work earn some extra money on the weekends by helping someone transport furniture from the shop?

The idea is very simple: Anyone can become ezyCourier partner!

To join the team, all you have to do is to download the app from Google Play or the AppStore and you will be contacted by our staff. Make sure you have your ID, address and driver’s license along with your vehicle license and a photo of your mode of transport! Congratulations, and welcome to the team!