ezyCourier for retailers

Have you ever heard your customer say “If you can’t deliver it on the weekend, then I won’t buy it”?
With ezyCourier you’ll never have this problem again! Any retailer who has an issue with customer dissatisfaction due to lack of transportation options is losing customers (and sales) because of this deficiency. As an ezyCourier partner you will never have a customer who won’t complete the purchase of certain good at your shop because of transportation issues. We’re flexible, reliable and most importantly, there when you need us! Increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction by becoming an official ezyCourier business partner.

ezyCourier and E-Commerce Businesses
ezyCourier is partnering with e-commerce websites in a variety of countries across the globe. In doing so, the companies we are working with are promoting and improving their local economy, increasing the delivery speed of their products and seeing an overall rise in customer satisfaction and retention.

ezyCourier and Furniture Outlets
ezyCourier is partnering with furniture and home appliance retailers to increase the efficiency and operations in delivering purchases. Customers are welcoming a flexible, more reliable service whereby ezyCourier drivers can collect and deliver their goods at a time that suits the customer, not the delivery van driver!